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Routine Maintenance For Your Vehicle

There are many different types of routine maintenance schedules that are needed for your vehicle, beginning with your 30,000 mile, 60,000 mile, and 90,000 mile checkups. These checkups are absolutely necessary and should be performed as routine maintenance on your vehicle as specified by the manufacturer on your automobile. These routine maintenance checks are in place to keep you from having to repair your automobile down the road, which can be much more expensive in the long run.

Some vehicles, even those with as few at 40,000 miles, need their timing belt checked and changed. John’s Automotive & AC Repair can check this for you as well. It is very important to keep up with this maintenance, as a broken timing belt can do major damage to your car. Check your automobile’s manual for more information, or give us a call!

Some other types of routine maintenance that are necessary in order to keep your vehicle running are oil changes, having your hoses and belts checked every 10,000 miles and a general evaluation of your vehicle’s overall health. All of these are important to keeping your vehicle moving forward!

Here at John's Auto & AC Repair, we have been keeping vehicles healthy for 25 years. We take every measure necessary to help you keep up with your vehicle’s routine maintenance so that you will only have to stop in for your check-ups, and not for repairs.

Auto AC Routine Maintenance is also a must. It is important that you have your car, truck or other vehicle’s air conditioner checked and serviced on a regular basis to keep from getting caught in a “hot” situation.

Our professional technicians will run a check on your Automobile’s AC every other oil change as a part of routine maintenance.